TPI Policies

Below, are some highlights of our policies and terms of service.

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1. TPI is essentially a subscription site. While some of the information on the site is in the public domain and some information is also available to the pubic, subscribers are not authorized to distribute the information contained on the subscriber only pages. Doing so could result in one's membership to the site being terminated without refund.

2. Information contained on the site and opinions expressed there-in are not necessarily those of TPI.

3. TPI reserves the right to edit and delete any postings it finds as offensive or inappropriate.

4. TPI policies are subject to change.

5. TPI prices are subject to change.

6. Monthly subscribers may cancel their subscription at any time and will not be billed for the subsequent month. No refund will be issued for any remaining portion of a month.

7. Subscribers who pay annually in advance will be refunded their fee pro-rated to account for months and portions thereof, already used (including the current month) based on the monthly (not annual) fee. Example: Assuming rates of $329 annual and $39.95 monthly - If you paid $329 for one year and decided to cancel after 6 months, you would be refunded $329 less ($39.95 x 6) = $89.30.