Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out more about what's available to subscribers?

You can get a taste of what TPI has to offer by going to the TPI Sampler.

Do you offer a discounted rate for students or early career professionals?

Currently we have only one class of membership with 2 payment options - monthly and annual. We do not have plans to expand that right now.

We strongly believe TPI is one of the best investments you can make in your practice. We'd like you to try it for yourself. If you sign up for membership, you can cancel within the first 3 days, and you will not be billed. We have had very few cancellations - which tells us that mental health professionals find great value in our services and information products.

I paid through Paypal but still can't get on the site. What should I do?

After you paid with Paypal we sent you and email with registration information. Please check your email and your spam folder for that information. If you still have a problem let us know. Click here and we'll help you complete the registration process  so you can take advantage of all TPI has to offer.

How do I change my password?

When you registered as a member, you received a randomly-generated password via email. The subject line of the email was: [The Practice Institute] Your username and password. Use that info to log in here to access your member profile.

How do I schedule a personal consultation?

Send an email to Dr. Jeff Zimmerman jeffzimmermanphd@thepracticeinstitute.com. Describe what you need help with, and Jeff will direct your inquiry to the best person to help you. Include your primary email address and your phone number. Please allow 48 hours for a reply.

How do I get technical support?

Contact Dr. Pauline Wallin  support@thepracticeinstitute.com We'll try to get back to you as soon as we can. Please allow 24 hours.

How do I cancel my membership at The Practice Institute?

We do not have access to your credit card information. To cancel your TPI membership, log into your Paypal account here: PayPal   Once logged in, cancel your payments to The Practice Institute. Your membership will continue until the end of your current billing period.

Alternately we can cancel your membership from our end. Contact us at support@thepracticeinstitute.com.

Why am I getting a message that I have tried to log in too many times when I haven't?

This can often result from actually already being logged into TPI and then trying to log in again. One solution is to make sure you are not logged into the site in a different browser window or by having your browser open more than once. Another option is to completely close your browser (or even reboot your computer) and then try to log on again. If the problem continues please contact support (click here).

Why is it that when I sign up for an event in Eventbrite I can't see TPI's other events - it says there are none.

On the Eventbrite site our events are listed as "Private" because they are only open to our TPI Pro Members (i.e., our paid subscribers). Private events are not listed on Eventbrite's list of all events.

How do I log off the TPI site?

To log off of the TPI site click on your username on the top left hand corner of your screen. There you will see a drop-down screen. Click "Log Out" and you should be all set.

Where do I find the password for Pro-Members only events?

This password can be found on the welcome page for members when you sign onto the site.

I'm having trouble signing onto the site, even though I am a registered member. What should I do?

Please try closing your browser completely down. Then start back up. That usually takes care of it. If not please click here and report the problem. We will check into it from our end.