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Conference-call interviews with authors of of books related to mental health practice are one of the most popular offerings at TPI. Not only will you hear from the authors themselves; you will also have the opportunity to ask them questions.

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Recorded interviews:

  • Dr. Thomas Brunner,  Co-author (with Charles Spielberger) of the State Trait Anger Expression Inventory - 2, Child/Adolescent Version
  • Drs. Brad Johnson and Jeffrey Barnett, “Preventing Problems of Professional Competence in the Face of Life-Threatening Illness” in Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, August 2011
  • Dr. Phillip Kleespies, author of “Psychologist suicide: Incidence, impact, and suggestions for prevention, intervention, and postvention”  in Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, June 2011
  • Mila Ruiz Tecala, LICSW, co-author, Grief and Loss: Identifying and Proving Damages in Wrongful Death Cases

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