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Are You Running Your Practice? Or Is It Running You?

Private practice gives you the freedom to choose when you work, how you work, and with whom you work. Running your own practice on your own terms can feel liberating.

But many clinicians also feel trapped: Trapped by the demands of managing your practice, the anxiety over unfilled or unpaid hours, and the financial constraints of insurance network payments.  It's enough to make you feel more trapped than liberated.

Stop struggling with the stress of managing your practice solo. TPI empowers our members to transform their practice into a source of freedom and fulfillment. Instead of being controlled by your practice, learn how to make it work for you.

This month, we're delving into essential topics through CE programs, interactive workgroups, insightful blog posts, and more. Get ready for:

  • Scheduling guilt-free time away from your practice
  • A crucial clause in your Informed Consent document
  • Secure consistent cash flow year-round
  • Efficiently delegate tasks for maximum productivity
  • Balancing stress reduction with practice efficiency
  • Streamline your workload with effective systems
  • Wise hiring, outsourcing strategically, and leveraging technology
  • Safeguard against burnout with strategic practices

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May 2024 Practice Incubator


BLOG POST: May 1st

Ease Your Overwhelm from Juggling Responsibilities

In running your mental health practice, do you sometimes feel like the circus guy who keeps plates spinning on poles? At any given time, something needs your immediate attention. You may often feel exhausted and burned out.

But here's the good news: You don't have to continue this exhausting juggling act. There are alternatives, strategies, and solutions available to help you regain control and find balance in your practice. Explore your options and discover a path towards greater ease and fulfillment in your professional journey.  Read more to Put an end to Spinning Too Many Plates here.


Relieve Financial Stress

Complimentary checklist: Creating a Financial Dashboard for Your Practice - Discover the six essential indicators you need to track to ensure the financial health and future success of your practice. This checklist will empower you to navigate your practice's financial landscape with confidence and clarity.

This checklist normally sells for $7.99 (TPI members get it free), but throughout May, it's free for everyone..

Say goodbye to anxiety and uncertainty as you take proactive steps towards a secure and thriving future for your practice.

BLOG POST: May 15th

Take Charge of Your Practice Today So You Can Relax by the Waves Tomorrow

Emergency coverage for your practice while you're on vacation

Is your vacation plan emergency proof? Constant availability via phone or video might seem like the solution, but it's not sustainable for you or your clients in the long run. Aside from potential burnout, relying solely on this approach can also disrupt your much-needed downtime and negatively impact client trust. Before finalizing emergency coverage, take a moment to explore this post. It offers essential insights to ensure both you and your clients feel supported and secure while you're away.


Reclaim Control & Joy

Complimentary Guide: Creating a Financial Dashboard for Your Practice: Tasks and Measurements - Building upon the invaluable insights from our previously released free checklist, this comprehensive guide takes you through each step, providing clear instructions on what to do and how to do it. Look out for the download link available on May 27th and embark on your journey towards financial empowerment and practice prosperity. Download link will appear here on May 27.

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