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Join us to take a look or to learn how to build your ideal practice. We are here for you, bringing you decades of experience, resources, consulting and training. You don't have to travel to some random course, search for a consultant, or comb the internet for publications. We have a ton of resources for you right here at TPI.

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Build a long-lasting consulting relationship in one place with our team of seasoned no-nonsense professionals.

200+ Exclusive Interviews with Experts and Authors

Learn on your own. Get CEs. Pick and choose what is just right for you. Free with a paid subscription.

Over ??? Blog Posts on Practice

Just want short tips and easy to follow articles on practice. We've got it for you. Get tips automatically or view them in our library. They are all here for you.

Downloadable Webinars

Learn in the comfort of your home or office. We will show you how to create handouts, hire staff, and more. And get CEs while you are doing it.

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Do you prefer to read? Read about addressing your practice challenges in our monographs and the practice books that we have published.

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You don't have to travel and guess about the training you receive. We have different training formats. Our members know us and how we build relevant trainings using different learning formats.

Practice Consultation, Support and Strategic Planning

Meet colleagues who are growing their practice, ask questions, and learn to develop your practice in a way that is aligned with your own vision.

Become an expert at running your practice

You now can build your practice management skills, just like you built your clinical skills.


What if I'm already a member of TPI?

If you were a member of TPI before May 1, 2019 you are now upgraded to a Premium Member with no increase to your membership fees.

Do I have to pay for a year at once, or can I pay monthly?

It is your choice. Both our Regular and Premium memberships have monthly and annual payment options.

How often do your membership fees increase?

While we raise our fees usually every 1-2 years, once you are a member your fees will never increase as long as your membership is continuously in place.

Can I cancel at any time?

Of course. Your membership goes to the end of the billing cycle. Just let us know and we cancel any auto-renew that is scheduled.

Do you have a trial period?

We certainly do. We don't charge your card for 3-days. This gives you time to take a look around and see if we are for you. However, we don't provide personal consultation until after the trial period..

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