Ethical Marketing – Home Study

Have you considered that, as licensed mental health professionals, marketing is our ETHICAL DUTY?

Dr. Pauline Wallin explained why in her recent 4-hour workshop at the New Jersey Psychological Association Spring Conference:

Ethical Marketing to Enhance Your Reputation and Increase Referrals

The live audio has been combined with the slide presentations into a self-paced series of slideshow videos that you can view on your computer or mobile device. Here's a sample:

The fall season - especially September and October - is when many people decide to get their life in order. With effective, ethical marketing you can stand out as the go-to mental health professional when they are ready to make an appointment.

What you'll learn in this home-study workshop:

  • Why marketing is our ethical duty
  • Difference between marketing and selling
  • How to reach people who need, want and can pay for your services
  • Ways to market your practice online and offline
  • How to develop your platform and brand
  • Ethical considerations in marketing
  • Create your “elevator speech”
  • Writing for the public - Don't make these mistakes
  • Search techniques to quickly find authoritative content for presentations, articles & blog posts
  • How to boost your ranking in Google search results
  • How to repurpose your content for wider distribution
  • ... And more

What's included in the home study version of the workshop - Instant downloads of:

  • 14 narrated slideshow presentations in video format. Each segment shows the slides with audio from the live workshop, as you see above. Each self-contained segment is 15 minutes or less. Convenient if you don't have large blocks of free time.
  • 159 Slide images of the entire workshop (PDF format). Print them out if you wish.
  • Audio-only segments in mp3 format. Download to your computer or mobile device.
  • Audio transcripts. Convenient if you prefer to read rather than listen.  Also, since the recording is not studio quality, the transcripts are useful if you miss a few words on the audio.
  • Complete set of handouts and worksheets, identical to those that were distributed at the live workshop.

3 ways to learn the material:

1. Narrated slideshows

2. Audio recording + slide images (on screen or printed out)

3. Transcript + slide images (on screen or printed out)

How much is it?

Live attendees at the workshop paid $180 plus travel and hotel expenses.

The home study version is just $99.

...FOR EVERYTHING! Video slideshow modules, audios, transcripts, handouts and worksheets. It's the next best thing to being there in person.

Click below to order via Paypal, a secure payment processor. (You don't need to have a Paypal account.)

Prefer to pay by check? Make it payable to The Practice Institute, and send it to:

Pauline Wallin, Ph.D.
201 S. 32nd St.
Camp Hill, PA 170433


How will the materials be delivered to me?

The home-study workshop consists of several files. You'll need an internet connection to view or to download the files. You can store them on your hard drive, on an external drive, or in your cloud storage account.

What are the system requirements?

  • Allow 1.2 GB of storage space.
  • The slide images and transcripts are in PDF format. Most computers have built-in programs to read these files. Some tablets and phones may require a free app to read PDF files.
  • The slideshow videos are in mp4 format, which is native to Mac, iPhone and iPad. mp4 files will also play on most recent Android devices. For viewing on a Windows computer, it depends on which version of Windows Media Player you have. For older computers, we recommend downloading the free VLC Media Player which can play almost any video format.
  • The audio files are in mp3 format. Listen on your computer or transfer them to a personal music player.

Does this home study workshop include continuing education credits?

No CE credits. But don't let that deter you. There are many other ways to fulfill your CE requirement. But it's not easy to find a workshop on marketing like this one, tailored to mental health professionals in private practice.

What's the difference between this home study workshop on Ethical Marketing, and the TPI home study course, Private Practice 101?

Private Practice 101 does contain a couple of modules on marketing. But it also covers other business aspects of running a practice, and is geared to help you develop a comprehensive business plan. Ethical Marketing to Enhance Your Reputation and Increase Referrals has a specific, in-depth focus on marketing.

If you have any questions about which one is right for you (or maybe both are) contact Dr. Wallin at