Practice Analysis

How healthy is your business?

Is it poised to grow, or is it weighed down by obstacles and outmoded commitments? And how do you figure that out?

Let us help you, with our new service from The Practice Institute:

Practice Analysis 

How will a Practice Analysis help me?

As you know from clinical experience, assessment is the first step in clarifying problem areas, strengths and available resources. Practice Analysis is a form of assessment focused on your business.

From this assessment you will have a clearer perspective on what you need to do next in order to reach your goals - which means LESS TIME WASTED in indecision and inefficiency.

We highly recommend a practice analysis if you are not entirely satisfied in your current situation, or if you are considering adding or changing your services.

Of course, as in clinical practice, we cannot guarantee outcomes. However, we have had much positive feedback from colleagues who have used our Practice Analysis Service. Here are a couple of comments:

From V.S., Georgia, who has practiced for several years: "It has inspired me to think differently in many ways. I really appreciate this opportunity.  It came at the perfect time for me and I fully expect that it will create positive change for me. "

From J.D., Arizona, who is new to private practice: "I have told others in my office about how wonderful this service was and they have asked for more information."

How does a practice analysis work?

Simply fill out a form with information on various aspects of your practice: income, expenses, clientele, challenges, goals and other factors. Your data will be kept confidential.

We will review your data. Then, based on your goals, we'll analyze what’s working, what’s not, and what changes are needed to help you reach your goals.

Next, you'll receive a written report with specific recommendations.

After you've had a chance to look over the report, contact us for a private 30-minute phone consultation to discuss the results.

How much does it cost?

TPI members - $399

Non-members - $499

How to get started

Not a member? - Join here and save $100 on the Practice Analysis.

Payment is requested in advance. You can order through

Or send a check to The Practice Institute, 201 S. 32nd St. Camp Hill, PA 17011

Upon receipt of payment we will send you a multipage form. Fill it out and email it back to us. We'll take it from there!


Based on initial positive feedback, we are confident that you will find the practice analysis useful. However, if within 3 days after your 30-minute consultation, you don't feel that you received value, we will gladly refund your Practice Analysis fee.

 Follow-up Services

Your written report will include several specific suggestions for growing your practice in a direction that fits your goals. Many clinicians find it helpful to continue with ongoing coaching. This is optional and you need not decide until you receive your report.

Questions? Contact us.