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TPI has selected the following vendors for quality services. We have either used them ourselves, or they come highly recommended.

Automated Medical Assistant and Advanced Billing Solutions - Office management software and billing services

Developed and administered by psychologist Dr. Gary Traub, with over 20 years of practice management & software experience. He offers two levels of service:

logo amaAutomated Medical Assistant (AMA): All-in-one online package for your practice management, clinical records management, scheduling and billing. Securely access your records 24/7 from any internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone. Comprehensive, easy to use, and highly affordable. Regular fee (see discounts below): $39.97/month for a single provider and $29.97 for additional providers at the same office. Submit your own insurance claims at just 22 cents each.

advancedbillingsolutions-logo Advanced Billing Solutions (ABS): Includes Automated Medical Assistant, PLUS they take care of all your billing, and the payments come directly to you. No monthly fee. ABS gets paid 8% of the insurance payments they collect for you.

Choose your discount:

TPI members - Click here to claim your discount (no obligation). You need to be logged in to the site.

  • Get 10% off AMA practice management software. Submit insurance claims yourself for free.
  • If you want ABS to do the billing for you, you get the practice management software for free. Get 10% off the collection fee (7.2% instead of 8%).

TPI nonmembers - Click here to claim your discount (no obligation)

  • Get 5% off AMA practice management software. Submit insurance claims yourself for 11 cents each (50% savings).
  • If you want ABS to do the billing for you, you get the practice management software for free. Get 5% off the collection fee (7.6% instead of 8%).


grasshopperphoneGrasshopper - Multi-featured phone service at reasonable cost

Tired of paying for multiple phone numbers and landlines?. Grasshopper allows you to consolidate them all, with greater functionality. You get features like toll free numbers, unlimited extensions, custom routing of calls, voicemail transcripts and more – all for a very reasonable fee. No need to call in for messages. You can get them emailed to you as mp3 files, which you can save on your hard drive or other digital storage.

We’ve saved a lot of money on our phone bills, and are getting a lot more for our money. You probably will, too. Click here to learn more.


RFA-Doug-logoDoug Nicola - Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Enhancements and App Development for iPhone/iPad/Mac

SEO makes your site more visible to search engines. We can personally attest to Doug’s work. After he applied SEO modifications to the TPI website, our visitor traffic increased substantially. Doug researches the best keywords to use, and strategically embeds them on your site, so that you are more easily found when people type these keywords into a search engine.

Doug can also customize the look, feel and functionality of your website or blog, as well as set you up for using social media effectively.

If you are thinking about developing an app for iPhone/iPad/Mac, Doug can take care of the technical end.

Through a special arrangement with TPI, Doug is offering a discount for our members and visitors.

TPI members – Contact Doug here  for a free estimate. (You need to be logged in to access the page.) If you decide to use his services, he will give you 10% off

TPI nonmembers – Contact Doug here. If you decide to use his services, he will give you 5% off


Office Design by Environmental Psychologist Sally Augustin, Ph.D.

SallyAugustinA well-designed office can make a big difference in how your clients feel and what they focus on. Therapeutic By Design, led by environmental psychologist Sally Augustin, Ph.D., can help you create an optimal therapeutic space for your clients, within an affordable budget.

Dr. Augustin and her team have decades of research and experience in how elements of the physical world affect people emotionally and cognitively. After reviewing photos and information about your practice, they will provide scientifically based recommendations for your office design, right down to the color of light bulbs in your lamps!

TPI members - Lock in your 10% discount here (You need to be logged in to access the page.)

Nonmembers - Lock in your 5% discount here.


MyPracticeSiteslogo_sqMyPracticeSites – Website Design, Marketing & Brand Identity for Therapists, Doctors & Health Health Professionals

As therapists ourselves, we approach each job the same way you approach each client. We understand that each client and each need is different, and to that end, we provide a unique and custom experience for each of our clients. We get to know you and your needs and work with you to develop a site that best fits your therapy practice.

Whether you are a therapist, doctor or allied health professional of any kind, we are uniquely qualified to help you develop a website, brand identity and marketing approach that is individually tailored to best represent you and your practice. Our staff is comprised of developers & designers, programmers, medical editors and mental health professionals.

Don't wait any longer for the website that you've always wanted–let's get started today!

TPI members – Lock in your 10% discount here. No obligation. (You need to be logged in to access the page.)

TPI nonmembers – Lock in your 5% discount here. No obligation.


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Note: To receive the discounts described above, you must click through the links on this page. It's a win-win-win: :

  • You get easy access to the services without having to start from scratch. Depending on the vendor you may also be eligible for a discount.
  • The vendors get inquiries that they might not otherwise receive.
  • TPI may be eligible for a commission for promoting the vendor’s service. These commissions will help pay for maintaining the TPI website.

Disclaimer: Your decision to purchase services from our preferred vendors does not imply any responsibility on the part of TPI. Prior to signing any agreements with vendors listed here, consider carefully whether the service will meet your needs, and review the terms.