Private Practice 101 – Home Study

What if you could discover strategies for building a practice that you love...and earn what you deserve?

  • How to attract people who need and want what you have to offer
  • How to maximize income and minimize expenses
  • How to gain the edge over your competition
  • How to fit your practice into your lifestyle
  • Little-known practical tools and tips

You did not enter the mental health field in order to make a gazillion dollars. But neither did you expect to be struggling financially.

It IS possible to earn a comfortable living while doing what you love - but only if you take care of the business aspects of your practice. Trial-and-error or seat-of-the-pants approaches can be very expensive - both in money and in time.

The Practice Institute can help...

Under the guidance of our faculty of seasoned professionals you can learn the secrets of building a successful practice.

Lauren Behrman, Ph.D., Steve Walfish, Ph.D., Pauline Wallin, Ph.D.,Jeff Zimmerman, Ph.D.


Private Practice 101: Home Study Course

Who will benefit?

Mental Health Professionals who want to:

  • Start or expand a private practice
  • Join a private practice
  • Get more clients
  • Establish yourself as the go-to expert
  • Learn business skills to run your practice
  • Learn ethical marketing techniques

What you'll learn:

  • How to structure a practice that you love, and that is profitable
  • How to identify groups of people who need and want what you have to offer
  • Different ways to develop specialty areas
  • How to get comfortable with raising your fees
  • How to find hidden savings in your expenses
  • Effective marketing strategies that give you the edge over your competition
  • What's important to know about yourself and your situation that can help and/or hinder your practice
  • Little-known tools and tips to save you time and money
  • ... and much more

We'll walk you through the process of setting up a business plan, custom-tailored to your practice and your situation.

THE RESULT: A workable, step-by-step blueprint for your success!

View a sampling of excerpts from the course.


What's included in the Home Study Course:

  • 20 narrated slide presentations. We've combined actual audio and slides from our live "Boot Camp" workshop. You'll view the same content as participants at our live workshop did. These slide presentations are compatible with Windows, Mac and iPad.
  • Workbook in PDF format. Almost 300 slide images, plus workshop exercises, worksheets and supplemental articles - the same workbook as that used by our live Boot Camp participants.
  • Over 8 hours of audio. Prefer to listen to the presentations while on the go? We've included mp3 files that you can load onto your computer or personal music player. (Note: These are live recordings, not studio quality. Next door to our workshop was a music practice room, so you may hear occasional ambient sound in the background.)
  • Transcripts of the audios. Especially handy if you prefer to read rather than listen; or if you want to quickly review a specific segment or excerpt.
  • Access to all materials online.

Choose from 3 different ways to get the home study course:

  1. Online
  2. On DVD plus online access
  3. On a USB thumb drive plus online access

What's the cost?

The live Boot Camp participants paid up to $499 to attend, with travel and lodging additional.

We are now offering the online version for $199 here. Instant access to all the course materials.

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Here's what participants had to say:

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Disclaimer: The Practice Institute, LLC provides training and information. Your individual success depends on several factors. Thus we cannot guarantee a timetable or income level as a result of applying what you learn.