TPI Private Practice Helpline

Just the help you want when all you need is
a targeted answer to a specific question.

The TPI Private Practice Helpline allows you to reach out to us with any practice-related question. We provide 20-minute consultations tailored to your preferences, whether via email, Zoom, or phone call, aiming to address your practice needs efficiently. We will reach out to schedule a live consultation in 1-2 business days. 

The TPI Private Practice Helpline is most suited for questions that lend themselves to clear-cut answers, such as when you are looking for specific information, or when you need some quick input for an upcoming decision. If you’re not sure about the scope of your question, we do still invite you to fill in the form. If your inquiry is better suited to a different method of response, we’ll let you know.

Ready to get started? Simply complete the TPI Private Practice Helpline request form by clicking the button below and receive the answer in your inbox shortly.

FAQs about the TPI Private Practice Helpline

Is the TPI Private Practice Helpline available to non-members?

TPI members enjoy complimentary access to the TPI Private Practice Helpline, as it is seamlessly integrated into your membership, alongside other valuable member benefits. 

What types of questions can I submit to the TPI Private Practice Helpline?

The TPI Private Practice Helpline is for focused questions that require minimal discussion or follow up. For example:

  • I want to hire another clinician. Should I set them up as an employee or independent contractor?
  • I am new to practice, should I set my practice up as an LLC? PLLC? S Corp?
  • If I go on vacation in another state, can I still see my clients via telehealth during that time?
  • I received a subpoena from an attorney for client records. What should I do?
  • I have a telehealth practice, but need physical office space occasionally. Where can I find short-term rental spaces?
  • What areas should be addressed in my Informed Consent document?
How often can I use the TPI Private Practice Helpline?

Our commitment to fostering strong connections and relationships with our TPI members underscores the essence of offering unlimited quick consultations. There is no imposed maximum cap on the number of consultations. However, it is essential to consider mutual availability. The more flexibility you provide in your schedule, the smoother the scheduling process will be, enhancing the accessibility of our services to address your business needs promptly.

If your question is more complex, or if you are facing a major decision about your practice, there are a number of ways that we can be of service to you.  TPI Members can phone into our free group conference calls, or schedule an individual consultation, using the free consultation time included with your membership. If you have already used this time, additional consultation is available at your discounted member rate.

Practice owners who are not yet members of TPI and would like to consult with us are welcome to access consultation time in a format suitable to your needs. We will schedule a time to meet with you so that we can tailor a plan to support your unique needs.

How do I submit a question to the TPI Private Practice Helpline?

To initiate the appointment scheduling process, kindly complete this TPI Private Practice Helpline form, specifying your question and availability.  Be as specific as possible, in order to ensure that we understand your question and can provide an answer that is relevant and useful to you. If your preferred form of consultation is via phone or video, we will reach out to schedule a live consultation in 1-2 business days. During this correspondence, you can expect your TPI consultant to propose at least two available times, with the aim of accommodating your schedule effectively.

How soon can I expect an answer to my question?
We aim to reply within 2 business days. You will often hear back from us sooner than that.
What if I have a follow-up question?

Simply reach out to us, and we’ll answer your follow-up question or provide guidance on next steps.

Whom can I expect to communicate with, and is it possible to request a specific TPI partner?

Our team comprises five highly skilled consultants, and you can review our profiles to make an informed choice. The specific consultant assigned to your inquiry will be selected based on our expertise to best address your particular question. At TPI, we value the importance of building relationships, and you are more than welcome to request a specific partner based on a goodness-of-fit or if you have worked with someone from our team previously.

What if my simple question turns out to be more complex than I anticipated?

That sometimes happens! We will let you know and then recommend moving the discussion to a different format.  TPI members can join one of our group conference calls and/or schedule a consultation with a TPI consultant.  TPI members enjoy a discounted member rate on consultations.

Are my communications kept confidential?

When you submit your question to TPI, all of our practice consultants will have access to the information.  However, except as required by law, none of your correspondence with TPI will be shared outside of TPI.  Your correspondence and personal information will not be shared with other TPI members. 

Have other questions about the TPI Private Practice Helpline?

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