Our History

Nothing inspires and motivates you like personal guidance
every step of the way.

The story of the birth of The Practice Institute is one of synergy

Jeff and Steve, both members of the Division 42, Independent Practice, American Psychological Association, met in 2008 and became fast friends and collaborators. TPI’s burgeoning yet strong and innovative spirit became even more tenacious as Lauren, Jeff’s wife, also a psychologist in independent practice, began crafting, with Jeff, a vision of The Practice Institute – aiming to guide mental health professionals in the necessary skills to build thriving and rewarding practices – an area sorely lacking in most graduate education programs.

As this pillar of TPI was taking shape, yet another was gaining strength as well – our pillar of resources. Steve and Pauline began developing plans of building a library of information related to mental health and independent practice.

Rather than build these two initiatives separately, these four innovative collaborators continued to synergize, a lasting friendship was built, and The Practice Institute was formed!

In 2011 The Practice Institute was created!

From its very start, TPI has focused on providing business of practice consultation, training and resources to mental health professionals.

Throughout the years, The Practice Institute has delivered workshops and keynote addresses at APA convention and state conferences as well as the Division 42 Fast Forward conference, created and delivered multi-day Private Practice Bootcamp workshops, edited and wrote books on practice, published books through TPI Press, and consulted with thousands of colleagues on developing and marketing their practices.

A Time of Loss




In March 2016, Steve died quite suddenly and unexpectedly. This was quite a difficult time in TPI’s history, as the partners were not only collaborators but also friends.

A Time of Growth

In spite of Steve’s untimely passing, TPI continued to grow over the years and maintain our innovative focus. Rod joined TPI bringing his vast expertise and energy in academic arenas and professional skill acquisition. TPI hosted an international and enlightening conference aboard a cruise ship with attendees from across the globe. TPI also had the distinguished honor of presenting in Puerto Rico. Rod was an active TPI partner from 2016-2022, and is currently an emeritus member of TPI.

Flexibility, persistence, and innovation remain key, and in 2021 TPI grew to its current team of consultants as Amy and Oni became TPI partners.

We remain committed to you!

TPI’s focus on ethically responsible practice management permeates throughout our work with individuals across all stages of solo and group practice as well as in our work with other organizations. TPI is pleased to partner with the American Psychological Association to provide valuable member services including the APA Practice Helpline.

TPI is here to guide you from the early stages of planning your dream practice through practice growth in ways that are aligned with your vision, values, and goals. We welcome the opportunity to serve you!