Next time you write an article or blog post with a seasonal or holiday theme, check out the U.S. Census Bureau's "Facts for Features and Special Editions."

There you'll find statistics, demographics and economic information for various calendar events - Back to school, Labor Day, Halloween, Black History month, etc.

The "Back to School" section includes numbers of students of various ages, parental involvement in kids' education, teacher salaries, and more.

How to use the info:

  • Including statistics where appropriate can help emphasize a point. For example, suppose you want to impress upon teens and their parents the importance of staying in school. Facts for Features lists comparative average earnings of college graduates vs high school dropouts.
  • Get ideas for taking a unique angle in your writing. While so many other mental health professionals are giving tips and advice about how teens can adjust to college life, you might write an article aimed at students over 35 years old, who comprise about 16% of enrollees. Since fewer professionals write directly to this demographic, your piece will have a greater chance of being noticed.