Blogging is a great way to help educate the public...AND to get ranked higher in the search engine results. Each blog post is treated by search engines as a new web page, and gets indexed very quickly.

You have several options for setting up your blog. One of the easiest (and free!) is - which is owned by Google.  That means your new blog can appear in Google search results within minutes!)

Here's a brief tutorial on how to set up a Blogger blog:

Blog posting tips:

Write no more than 600 words. If you have more to say, use it for another blog post. (This blog post has 217 words.)

Keep your paragraphs short - no more than 5 lines each. This makes it easier to read on the screen. (See "Are people actually reading what you write?")

In your title, don't try to be witty. Just use words that likely match the search terms that your target audience is typing into search engines. For example, if you've written about ending a relationship, don't give it the title of  "50 ways to leave your lover." Instead, go for something relevant, such as "How to survive a breakup."

Post often. Frequent postings signify that you're staying current in your topic area. Moreover, each post is another listing in the search engines.