When you're searching Google for more than a quick answer, it's not always obvious which links in the search results have more in-depth information.

Recently Google started returning in-depth articles for some broad topics. These are not like what you'd get from Wikipedia. They're gleaned from essays and editorials from major sources.

For example, here's a screenshot of a Google search for dsm 5:



To get a list of in-depth articles for this search:

Add the following to the URL in the address window after getting your first page of search results:


The URL for the Google search results that I got was originally:

Adding the little snippet in red above makes the URL look like this:

...with the following in-depth results:


The in-depth search hack doesn't work for all topics. Content publishers are still scrambling to meet Google's criteria to be included in in-depth search results.

Give it a try and post a comment on how it worked for you!