Writing articles and blogs posts are ideal for connecting with potential clients and referral sources. Here's why:

Your writing shows a sample of what you can do. People who read your articles are doing so because they are already interested in the topic. Thus, you're connecting with those who are most likely to contact you or recommend you to others.

Much better than a business card, your written piece gives people something useful. They can take your insights and and follow your tips - and notice immediate benefit.

Writing is a way to market yourself without being pushy or “salesy.” And if you write about common problems that lots of people have, the impact can last for years. People's issues and challenges change over time. Those who need you today may not need you 5 years from now. But by then, there will be new people with similar problems who can benefit from your advice.

Your writing makes it easier for people to recommend you to others. Instead of saying “Call Dr. Smith – she’s a good therapist,” people can show their friends samples of what you know and how you can help.

Writing articles positions you as an expert. The more you write about a given topic, the more your name will be associated with the subject matter, and the higher your name will show up in Google search results.

Writing builds your online presence. You will become more ubiquitous online as you continue to publish articles and blog posts. If you do it right, your writing will end up on dozens or hundreds of websites, and others will quote you