Are you still hopping from one website to another to read news and opinion pieces at your favorite sites? You don't have to.

Most news and blog sites publish "feeds" of new content via RSS (Really Simple Syndication).  Instead of going to individual websites you can subscribe to several feeds and view them all at once in a single interface, like this:

google reader


To subscribe to a feed, look for the RSS icon like the one on the left, or look for a link to "subscribe." (Check out the bottom of the sidebar on this page.)

But first you'll need a "feed reader" (also called "RSS reader) to pull feeds from all the sites you subscribe to, and aggregate them within a single window.

My favorite is Google Reader which is pictured above.  Major web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari have built-in RSS, as do some email programs. There are also several 3rd party feed-reader plugins for browsers and email.

For mobile devices like smart phones and tablets you can find apps that provide aggregated RSS content from several sources in a reader-friendly format.

You're not limited to text subscriptions. Podcasts and videos are also available via RSS.

What's your favorite RSS feed? Leave a comment below.