There are lots of good reasons to be in private practice. Here are some perks that aren't often mentioned in the serious literature. Thanks to colleagues from the Pennsylvania Psychological Association who contributed to the list.

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10. You don't have to wear a name tag.


9. You can wear the same outfit every day for a week (unless you're a psychoanalyst).


8. Flexible hours - days, evenings, weekends, and sometimes in the middle of the night.


7. You can go shopping at 10 am, beating the crowds for the big sale.


6. The coffee and chocolate stash are mine! all mine!


5. If you listen carefully, you can get some good indirect suggestions for restaurants and movies.


4. Management meeting of the CEO, CFO, CTO, and CCO require only one chair.


3. You develop really strong bladder muscles.


2. Take a nap on the couch during work hours!



1. And the #1 reason for being in private practice [drum roll.…]


You have the best boss...EVER!