Are press releases outmoded? Some say yes. With the explosion of social media, reporters are more likely to search Twitter for the latest information on a given topic, than to pore over a press release that might have been written days or weeks ago.

But press releases (also called news releases) still have their place, especially for events that are not urgent or time-sensitive. And now that commercial media no longer control the dissemination of information, you can publish your own press releases online - and directly reach the types of people who need and want what you have to offer.

announcingAs a mental health professional, you can use press releases to announce your latest product, service or news to the world. For example:

  • Opening your new practice
  • Relocation of your current practice
  • Adding an associate to your practice
  • Your latest publication
  • Your upcoming presentation or workshop
  • An award that you recently won
  • Your recent training or certification

Of course, you can (and should) also post such announcements on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. But press releases appear on online news sites - which gives your announcement an added layer of credibility.

Where to submit press releases: If you're in no hurry, use a free press release service. There are hundreds of them. Here are a few top-rated ones (Be sure to read their terms and conditions):

If you want immediate and wide distribution of your press release, it's worth paying for. One of the best services is PRWeb. This site also has tips and guidelines for press release formats, including Writing Great Online News Releases.