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TPI's commitment to your success is evident in our collection of free resources, providing a glimpse into our members-only library of
TPI's TipsSM, Guides, Checklists, and Practice Forms.  These valuable tools are designed to support you in building a practice aligned with your goals, values, and lifestyle. 

Starting Your Practice

Starting Your Private Practice

Checklist | Tips/Guides (Members Only)

Telehealth Tips for Mental Health Clinicians

Checklist | Tips/Guides (Members Only)

Necessary Forms in Private Practice

Checklist | Tips/Guides (Members Only)

A Guide to Finding the Right Office Space (Coming Soon)

Employee vs. Independent Contractor (Coming Soon)

Administrative Matters, Fees, & Finances

business growth

Setting Your Fees (Coming Soon)

Accepting Insurance vs. Private Pay (Coming Soon)

Accepting Credit Cards (Coming Soon)

Increasing Fees (Coming Soon)

Types of Payment Methods (Coming Soon)

Your Practice's Financial Health Dashboard (Coming Soon)

Growing, Niching & Marketing Your Practice

Expanding Your Practice

Checklist | Tips/Guides (Members Only)


Hiring Clinical Staff

Checklist | Tips/Guides (Members Only)

Seven Ways to Minimize the Impact of Negative Online Reviews (Coming Soon)

Retaining Staff (Coming Soon)

Don't Lose Referrals (Coming Soon)

Professional Relationships

Creating a Professional Relationship: What's the Recipe for Success?

Checklist| Tips/Guides (Members Only)


Marketing Your Practice

Checklist | Tips/Guides (Members Only)


Referral Sources vs. Referral Partners (Coming Soon)

Legal & Ethical Considerations

Professional Wills

Checklist | Tips/Guides (Members Only)

Providing Services Across State Lines (Coming Soon)

Restrictive Covenants (Coming Soon)

Informed Consent (Coming Soon)

Good Faith Estimates (GFE) (Coming Soon)

Collecting Unpaid Balances (Coming Soon)

Clinical Records & Data

Choosing an Electronic Health Records System (EHR)

Checklist | Tips/Guides (Members Only)


Using Routine Outcome Monitoring (Coming Soon)

Closing Your Practice

Closing Your Solo Practice

Checklist | Tips/Guides (Members Only)

Selling Your Practice (Coming Soon)

Developing Clinical Skills

Deliberate Practice (Coming Soon)

Should I Join or Develop a Peer Consultation/Supervision Group? (Coming Soon)

Resources, Books, & Articles for Developing & Maintaining Skills (Coming Soon)